In commemoration of Kartini Day and National Awakening Day, the Dharma Wanita Association of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya and the Student Executive Board (BEM) of FFMS UB, in collaboration with the Malang Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) held a Blood Donation activity. The event will take place on Monday, May 27 2024, from 08.00 to 12.00 WIB, at the Exhibition Room, Floor 1 of the FFMS UB Main Building.

Chairman and Management of DWP FPIK UB at Blood Donation activities
Management of Dharma Wanita Association Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science UB at Blood Donation activities
This activity began with directions from the Head of Administration of FFMS UB, Jaedi, S.P., M.M., and continued with remarks from the Head of Dharma Wanita Association Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science UB, Mrs. Rina Hernugraheni. In her address, she emphasized an important moral message, that “A drop of our blood means a lot to those in need.” These words remind us that although we sometimes overlook the small value of a single drop of blood, for those in need, it is a priceless gift.

Blood donation is an annual social activity that has become a tradition at FFMS UB, and for 2024 it is planned to hold it twice, where the second blood donation activity will be held on the FFMS UB Anniversary in September 2024. With burning enthusiasm, both students, lecturers and educational staff participated in this activity. A total of 194 participants have registered, who will go through an initial screening process to ensure eligibility as donors. The target is to get 100 blood bags which will later be distributed by PMI Malang city.

Furthermore, this social activity is not only limited to donating blood. As part of the series, there were also book sharing activities, spreading school spirit, storytelling competitions and a bazaar. FFMS UB is committed that social activities such as blood donation are not only carried out once, but become part of the routine to strengthen social spirit and solidarity among the UB academic community. [ALF/YFS]

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