Friday, May 31 2024, in the Exhibition Room, Floor 1 of the Main Building of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FFMS UB), the Judiciary procession for Period VIII Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs for the Even Semester of the 2023/2024 Academic Year took place. Decree of the Dean of the Faculty of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs number 69 of 2024 announcing the graduation of 4 Masters Program Students (S2) and 43 Undergraduate Program Students (S1).
FFMS UB leaders; Vice Dean of  Academic Affairs; Vice Dean of Student Affairs, Alumni and Student Entrepreneurship; Head of Department; Head of Study Program; and Head of Subdivision for Academic and Student Affairs, Alumni, Cooperation and Student Entrepreneurship FFMS UB were also present at the event.The activity began with the reading of the Judicial Decree by Prof. Dr. Sc. Asep Awaludin Prihanto, S.Pi., MP as Vice Dean of Academic Affairs continued with the judiciary procession, impressions of the judiciary participants’ messages, and delivery by the leaders of FFMS UB, represented by Dr. Eng. Abu Bakar Sambah as Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni and Student Entrepreneurship.
In his speech, Dr. Eng. Abu Bakar Sambah delivered an inspiring message to the Judiciary participants and revealed that with their graduation, their status as students had changed to FFMS UB Alumni. Furthermore, he hopes that alumni can practice and develop fisheries and marine science well, both in society and in the world of work. He also emphasized the importance of collaboration between alumni and institutions, including in preparing a Tracer Study to track alumni’s footsteps and find out their contributions to the maritime field.
Dr. Eng. Abu Bakar also mentioned the important moment that Indonesia had just experienced, namely the continuation of the 10th World Water Forum Summit which was held in Bali. This summit aims to formulate inclusive and sustainable water management. In the context of the world of higher education, Universitas Brawijaya (UB) plays an important role as an important partner of the National Development Planning Agency (BAPENAS) in preparing Indonesia’s Long Term Development Plan (RPJP) until 2045. The main focus in the RPJP is the development of the Maritime sector, which is expected to contribute more than 20% of National Gross Domestic Product (GDP). He highlighted the importance of preparing human resources in the Maritime sector, both in terms of quantity and quality, considering the tough future challenges, both for the world of education and the careers of alumni. [ALF/YFS]

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