On Tuesday, May 28, 2024, the Marine Science Study Program at the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (FFMS UB), held a lecture activity titled “Practitioner Teaching” as part of the Scuba Diving course, specifically covering Dive Plan & Dive Table. The lecture took place in the Auditorium on the 8th floor of the FFMS UB main building and was led by Fahreza Okta Setyawan, S.Kel., M.T., who is the lecturer for the Scuba Diving course. Fahreza emphasized the importance of having practitioners participate in teaching to enhance students’ insights and references. Practitioners with field experience can provide valuable input to both students and faculty, updating their knowledge about diving and better preparing them for real-world challenges.

The guest speaker for this lecture was Hery Herdiana, S.Kel., a PSS Instructor Scuba Diving and PSS Emergency Instructor. Hery discussed the significance of planning before diving and introduced the concepts of Dive Planning and Dive Table. His presentation aimed to ensure that students taking the Scuba Diving course, as well as anyone interested in diving, understand and master these topics thoroughly. This understanding is not only important but also essential to avoid various risks during diving, such as illness, accidents, equipment loss, and disorientation.

Fahreza Okta Setyawan, S.Kel., MT and Hery Herdiana, S.Kel. together with IK study program students at the Widya Selam Teaching Practitioner activity
Fahreza Okta Setyawan, S.Kel., MT and Hery Herdiana, S.Kel. together with Marine Science study program students at the Scuba Diving Teaching Practitioner activity

A total of 167 students from the Marine Science Study Program participated in the lecture, showing enthusiasm during the Q&A session. Students directly asked the speakers about detailed preparations before diving. Thus, this activity not only imparts knowledge but also fosters awareness and readiness in the world of diving. [ALF/YFS]

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