Researchers from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Universitas Brawijaya (UB) have established a research partnership focused on utilizing bacterial viruses for fisheries commodity development. This collaboration involves the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences at the University of Adelaide, Australia. The research project is jointly led by Prof. Dr.Sc. Asep Awaludin Prihanto, Rahmi Nurdiani, Ph.D., and Yoga D. Jatmiko, Ph.D., who secured research funding through UB’s World Class University program. This collaboration marks a significant step in fostering synergy between two distinguished research institutions in the field of animal sciences. Dr. Farhid Hemmatzadeh, a senior researcher specializing in Virology at the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, University of Adelaide, is also involved in this study.

Universitas Brawijaya Research Collaboration with University of Adelaide
Universitas Brawijaya Research Collaboration with University of Adelaide

Researchers from FFMS, FMIPA Biology UB, and the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences at the University of Adelaide will collaborate on a research project aimed at deepening our understanding of microbiology development to enhance the productivity of aquatic resource commodities. The initial research steps involve analyzing “whole genome bacteriophages” to uncover the full potential of viral genomes for further development. During a three-day period in Australia, the entire team will engage in virus extraction and advanced analysis using state-of-the-art facilities at the University of Adelaide.

With support from UB’s World Class University funding, the researchers will have access to sophisticated research facilities and high-quality human resources, enabling them to conduct in-depth experiments and analyses. It is expected that these efforts will yield significant findings contributing to the fields of science and technology, with potential solutions for global challenges related to animal and human health.

This collaboration also opens opportunities for knowledge and experience exchange between the two institutions through researcher visits, joint workshops, and shared publications. Thus, it not only strengthens the research capacity of each institution but also expands collaborative networks and knowledge exchange across countries.

The research collaboration reflects the commitment of FPIK UB and the University of Adelaide to address global challenges through a collaborative and integrated scientific approach. The outcomes of this partnership are anticipated to significantly contribute to understanding and addressing related issues, environmental sustainability, and overall human well-being. [*]

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