Some Aspect of Reproductive Biology on the Effect of Pollution

on the Histopathology of Gonads in Puntius javanicus

from Mas River, Surabaya, Indonesia



Shobikhuliatul J J1, Sri Andayani1, Jerome Couteau2, Yenny Risjani1,3 4Christophe Minier,


1Faculty of Fisheries and Marine science, University of Brawijaya, Malang, Indonesia

2Toxem, University of Le Havre, France

3Central Laboratory of Life Sciences (LSIH), University of Brawijaya, Malang, Indonesia

4Laboratory of Ecotoxicology (LEMA), University of Le Havre, France




The present work aimed to study some aspect of the reproductive biology of the P. javanicus with emphasis on histopathology abnormalities of gonads and intersex problems.  Fish samples of Puntius javanicus (local name:tawes) were collected from Mas River on the Surabaya downtown whereas highly pollution. Fishes were identified for morphological abnormality and gonad organs were evaluated. Histological preparation was done to observe the gonad condition. This report reveals that 20% male P. javanicus were found to be feminized on July 19, 2012 collection from that river. Some histological samples indicated the presence of testis-ova in fish gonad, which indicated the occurrence of intersex of this species. The above finding suggests that greater attention needs to be given to xenobiotic pollutants and endocrine disrupting chemicals problems.


Keywords: Mas River, pollution, reproductive biology, histopathology, gonads, intersex

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