Clarias Catfish (Clarias sp) Fermented Sausage Using Pediococcus acidilactici 0110<TAT-1 Startet Culture

Nusyam, H ¹, Widjanarko, S.B², Yunianta², and Sukoso¹

(1). Dept. of Fisheries Processing Product, Fac. of Fisheries and Marine Science. UB,

(2). Dept. of Food Science, Fac. of Agricultural Technologi. UB, Indonesia

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Abstract :

Increasing number of clarias catfish (Clarias sp.) culture in East Java, Indonesia has lead to marketing problem. Only 150-200g/fish are usually sold consumtion, while clarias catfish weighing more than 1000g/fish are used as brood stock. As a result, there are a lot of unsold 200-100g catfish, which are valuable for food processing. The use of bacterial strains producing bacteriocins as a starter culture of protective culture, recently developed and is able to control the presence of pathogenic bacteria and spoilage bacteria in food products. Culture stains used mostly derived from latic acid bacteria (LAB). The objective of this research was to obtain a standard formula and technology of clarias catfish fermented sausage using Pediococcus acidilactici starter culture. The study was conducted in four stages, namely ; (1) catfish weight range between 200-1000g/fish as a raw material fermented sausages, and (2) preblending time. Experimental method used descriptive analysis, where data is shown as mean ± standard deviation. The result indicated that the fermented sausage produced from 231-371g/fish, and preblending treatment for 48 hours was the best sausage formulae.

Keyword : catfish, fermented sausage, Pediococcus acidilactici, sausage formula, preblending.

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