Most of the destructions in wooden vessel are weathering and leaking on the hull. The development of fiberglass lamination technology grow fastly. The characteristics of fiberglass which strength, irresistance  to the weather and easy to form make this material can be applied to laminate the wooden vessel to solve its problems. There are several steps of fiberglass lamination for wooden vessel in Lekok District, Pasuruan East Java as follows: the first step is drying and cleaning the wooden vessel from the paint and fouling. The second step is laminating the hull with 2 layers of fiberglass and followed with compound spackling and the last step painting. Based on economical analysis, fiberglass lamination has more advantages compared to conventional repair method. By using fiberglass lamination the nest maintenance activity is only cleaning the moss. From point of performance view, fiberglass lamination will reduce the skin friction resistance and increases the speed and the efficiency of the ship. This speed increase and efficiency are caused by the hull which no more absorb water. Due to no water absorption, the weight of the vessel will be maintained as its dry weight and finally will reduce fuel consumption.

Keywords:  Fiberglass, wood, leak, lamination maintenance

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