Coral Reef’s Growth Rate of Artificial Reef with Enrichment Potential Ziolit Content.

Dr. Ir.Guntun.MS, Hendra Nurcahyo,S.Pi.,MP dan Fuad,S.Pi.,MT

Coral reef has important role in coastal environment, biologically and ecologically. Restoration and conservation effort should be carried out continuously through artificial reef making. This study showed that the artificial reef was successfully inhabited by corals, particularly soft coral and hard coral. The artificial reef attracted fishes to live around them, it can be observed from fish school surrounding the artificial reef Growing corals identified are gorgonian, sponge and acropora. While fish species identified are Butterfly fish, Parrot fish, and Haemulldae and Barramundi cod. Best shape of the artificial reef was “ball” or “stupa” shape. Technically, reef ball is capable to turn the sea current and inhabited by more corals. Water quality in artificial reef sites can be categorized as good with salinity ranged from 29,8 % – 33 % , temperature ranged from 29° to 30°C, DO ranged from 5,16 mg/l to 13,3 mg/l, turbidity ranged from 3,775 to 4,6 meters, and current speed ranged from 0,65 m/s – 0,98 m/s.

Keywords: Coral reef, Ziolit, artificial reef

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