Study On Seaweed Culture Management, Euchema spinosum in Madura Archipelagoes with Regard to Develop The Seas Industry

Muhammad Musa, Nursyam H and Harahap N


The research were done along 3,5 month, on 2004 year at Madura archipelagoes regencies (Kangean, Raas, Sapudi dan Kangean), Sumenep, East Java. The material iused was Euchema spinosum which have produced from traditional fisherman at Madura archipelagoes. Research on seaweed culture management in Madura archipelagoes is aims to get the base line study with regard on aquaculture system, post harvest technology, marketing and institusionality system. Research methods were used i.e survey potency, society structure and post harvest tegnology by collecting from primary and secondary data. Almost beach regencies on Madura archipilagoes are compatible as developing area for seaweed culture. Result from this seaweed culture search can be described which done by investor on Sepeken and Raas, but in Kangean and Sapudi not yet presence. To increasing added value of commodities must be process on agar powder, carragenan, an/or alginate. Marketing system is doing by individual, not yet present marketing institution, post harvest technology were formed on dried product. With regard to development no marines industry were suggersted improved on post harvest technology and processing must adopted there.

Keywords : seaweed, culture, post harvest, diversivication.

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