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Monday (14-12-15), is a selected day by Marine Science students Fishery and Marine Science Faculty of Brawijaya University to realize their college results in the class. Climate change and marine ecosystems is one courses which is currently the sole courses that can apply their lectures directly in college environment even pengampu lecturer of that courses […]

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Senior High School 1 Waru, Sidoarjo in this Thursday (10/12) visiting Fisheries and Marine Facuolty (FPIK) Brawijaya University (UB). Visiting who lead by Drs.Muzayyin greet by Promotion Team from FPIK UB. He convey that there are 127 students that join  this visit they are currently is grade 12 from IPA and IPS program. “The purpose […]

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Andi sukarno effendi, one of student of fisheries and marine faculty brawijaya university generation 2014, this time had the change to be delegation with  Fisheries and Marine Faculty, Brawijaya University. Because andi became one from 25 finalist of papers contest which be held by UNSOED (Soedirman University). At the final the contestant wrote article of […]

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A group of Senior High School (SHS) 2 Bojonegoro students, Thursday (24/11) visited Fisheries and Marine Science Faculty of Brawijaya University. In this group they are 9th grade students totaling 189 people with 15 teacher assistant. The group arrived in fisheries and marine science faculty at 07.30 WIB and accepted by PR Section-PSIK. Also attend […]

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Soekarno ever said “My struggle is more easy because only chase away colonialist, but your struggle is more harder because you must fighting for your own country”. From those words, students should behave with critical. The demands of the student to have a soul intellectual very needed to continue the struggle in the modern era. […]

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