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Cleaned Beach By Unibraw Students – ANTARA TV

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To all lecturers who will go further to study postgraduate in Japan, it is notified that Fisheries and Marine Sciences Faculty has receive¬†Application Procedur Admission To Graduate School of Agriculture University of Miyazaki (Master’s Course)¬†dated July 1st, 2014 to begin the study in October 2014 and April 2015, so that it can be utilized as […]

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Bidikmisi Scholarship Bidimisi Scholarship is the scholarship (by virtue of learning system development, achievement potential participants and courses developed in college) tuition assistance which was given by the government, in this case the College to students who finish their studies and academic potential both in education at the university. Scholarship is a financial help which […]

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Prof. Dr. Ir. DIANA ARFIATI, MS Realting with fraudulencing and abusing by the unresponsibilty people who behalf on Fean of Fisheries and Marine Faculty of Brawijaya University. (Prof. Dr. Ir. Diana Arfiati, MS), with this we say to civitas of academic especially in Brawijaya University environment that Dean of FPIK-UB never give information about Seminar, […]

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VLIR Scholarship 2013-2014 VLIRUOS Scholarship offers master program scholarship (1-2 years) and program of short training (1-4 years) at universities in Flanders region for season 2014-2015. Detail information each programs, registration requirements, registration wat and deadline of registration can be gotten in link Registration of program and scholarship was addressed to each college organizers.  

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