Scholarship Information is distributing financial help which is given to individual that aimed to use for continuity of education pursued. Scholarship could be given by Government, Company or foundation. Scholarship distribution could be included of granting free of charge or distribution with bondage (commonly called bond) after completion of education. The bond duration is variant, its depend on the institution who give the scholarship.

Here is a list of scholarships in the Fisheries and Marine Sciences Faculty: [su_accordion] [su_spoiler title=” CIMB NIAGA SCHOLARSHIP 2014″ style=”fancy”]BEASISWA UNGGULAN TEKNOLOGI INDUSTRI KREATIF {BUTIK} (CREATIVE INDUSTRY TECHNOLOGY LEADING  SCHOLARSHIP) CIMB NIAGA 2014 

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[su_accordion] [su_spoiler title=”PT. PERUSAHAAN GAS NEGARA (PERSERO) TBK. SCHOLARSHP TAHUN 2014″ style=”fancy”]



Hereby we inform that  PT. Perusahaan Gas Negara (PERSERO) Tbk. offer again the scholarship for Undergraduate students of Universitas Brawijaya. As for the requirements that must be completed:

1. Intended for undergraduate students ranging from 3rd semester up to 8th semester
2. Having Semester Grade Point (IP) at least 3.00 and or Grade Point Average (IPK) at least 3.00.
3. The certificate has not been proposed the scholarship from three PD Faculty.
4. Photocopy of KHS which shows the IP and IPK has been validated by each faculty
5. Photocopy valid KTM and KTP.
6. Parents Salary Slip or unwealthy clearance letter by village which explains parents’ job and income.
7. Photocopy electricity bills.
8. Photocopy family card.
9. Healthy body clearance letter from the doctor / hospital.

In connection with the limited quota of PT. PGN, thus we restrict each faculty only could send five persons who appropriate with the requirements.  Registration documents are submitted in the each faculty’s Students Affair Section and submitted collectively to Center Office’s Students Affair Section 3rd floor at the latest on November 11, 2014. uncomplete documents will not be processed.[/su_spoiler]