Being a strong maritime nation, should start from the introduction of marine wealth early on. That is what underlies trip expedition team carcharias, continuing a series of activities to inspire children coast. The aim this time is SDN Ai Bari, the only elementary school is located in the hamlet of Ai Bari, Sumbawa. It is very close to the beach. Teachers Ai Bari SDN originated from different areas, according to one teacher’s houses to Ai Bari hamlet about 30 minutes to ride a motorcycle. Facilities in SDN Ai Bari is still very minimal.

Government attention to coastal areas is still lacking. Economic limitations in Hamlet Ai Bari is not an obstacle the students of SDN Ai Bari to attend school. School student Ai Bari largely composed of children of fishermen. Coastal Education Schools in SDN Ai Bari is one of a series of activities of the Expedition carcharias by FISHDIC UB. This event took place at 08:00 to 12:00 pm. Aibari Elementary School students are excited to welcome the arrival of Expedition Team carcharias. Radiated a happy smile on their face. This coastal school education aims to introduce to the students about marine biota and instill awareness to them to preserve, conserve, maintain the diversity of living things
and their environment. Its activities include:

1. Games Puzzle
2. Coloring
3. Provision of Books and Glasses Pool to the Party School
4. Presentation About Biota Biota-Sea
5. Encourage children SDN Ai Bari to Beach Clean Up

The number of books that give the 86 textbooks and four magazines of knowledge. The books are given is the result of donations from students of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Brawijaya University. Provision of swimming goggles to the school aims to make students of SDN Ai Bari can study marine life to see firsthand how the shape and behavior. This simple case is expected to be the beginning of their love of the ocean Ai Bari, along with its great potential, so that later can manage their own wealth, with a wise and sustainable manner. [AR]

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