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Wednesday, November 23, 2016, UB held the annual largest Democratic Party to choose candidates for President and Vice President and Student Representative of Student Executive for period 2017. All of UB students from all faculties follow this event and participate to contribute their voice in Pemira. Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences also had participated in this event with holding a polling station in the FPIK Main Building along with the Local Committee who is FPIK students.

The Voting started at 8:00 am until 16:00 pm. 948 FPIK students gave a vote to the two candidates of President and Vice President of EM and 23 candidates of DPM (Representative Student). Just like last year, this Pemira also use e-vote which voters didn’t need to cast the candidates for voting, but clicking on the candidate who want to vote. It could make easy the committee to count the votes from all faculties that come in without manual counting as commonly done when using cast system.

Interest of FPIK students was still not too crowd in the morning and in the afternoon, the atmosphere and interest of them becomes high, so it could penetrate high number. In this Pemira, the students hope for all Candidates of President and Vice President and elected DPM can contribute to this beloved blue campus is better. (ANT/Humas)