Aquatic Resources Management Undergraduate Degree provides a set of curriculum to produce graduates who are able to manage aquatic resources and environmentally sustainable fisheries. To complete their studies, students are required to take minimum 144 credits which consist of 127 compulsory subjects and optional subjects as much as 17 credits. Time studies can be pursued 8-14 semesters.

The education and teaching organization by Aquatic Resources Management Undergraduate Degree is attending a class, work assignments, lab work, performimg the thesis which include PKL and Essay, and ended with seminars and exams. In addition, to bear the study, students must  be able to pass a computer test and have a minimum score (450) of TOEFL English test.

Aquatic Resources Management Undergraduate Degree has three kinds of assessment center which are the scope of the knowledge, such as:

  1. Aquatic Environmental Science,
  2. Coastal and Marine Resource Management,
  3. Biotechnology Aquatic Resources.

To make Aquatic Resources Management Undergraduate Degree has a competitiveness in the marine and fisheries resources management based on aquatic ecology superior technology and across national boundaries.

To organize the learning process focused on the improvement of human resource capacity that has knowledge, awareness, and attitudes towards marine  and fisheries resources which has a holistic minded and entrepreneurial spirit.

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