Minister of Education and Culture (MENDIKBUD)  Decree  No. 0174/0/1983 and Director General of Education and Culture (DIRJENDIKBUD) Decree No. 118 / Higher / 1984 as a basis for implementation Fisheries Socio-Economic Study Program (SEP) which is accredited with an “A” based on BAN PT Decree No. 014 / BAN-PT / Ak-X / S1 / IX / 2006 dated on September 7, 2006. Then, the Higher Education Decree of 2008 and the Rector’s Decree No. 092 / SK / 2008, Fisheries Socio-Economic Study Program (SEP) increased the status to the Fisheries and Marine Department with an Fisheries Agribusiness Study Program (Socio-Economic Fisheries) based on Director General of Higher Education Decree No. 163 / Higher Education / Kep / 2006. With the result that the New Admissions Selection period 2010/2011, with the official name of the Study Program “Fisheries Agribusiness (Socio-Economic Fisheries)”.


Being an excellent Study Program in the sector of education, research and community service based on entrepreneurship, which contribute to the management and utilization of fisheries and marine resources to approach a balance between social, economic and ecology.


1. Organizing fisheries agribusiness education based on entrepreneurship in order to manage and utilization of resources             sustainable both in a social, economic and ecology.
2. Creating a conducive academic atmosphere and capable of supporting high-quality research activities in the management of fisheries and marine resources for the welfare of the community.
3. Organizing community service activities as a form of moral responsibility of the institution.
4. Organizing cooperation with various institutions in order to respond the changes in the biophysical, socio-economic and culture.

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