Human resources or commonly abbreviated as HR is a potential inherent in human being to realizing their role as social being who is adaptive, transformative and capable of managing himself and all the potential inherent in nature to achieve the welfare of life within a balanced and sustainable order. In practical everyday sense, HR is understandable as an integral part of the systems that make an organization. Therefore, in the field of psychology, HR practitioners need to take industries and organizations majors.

Human Resources available at the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences consists of lecturers and employees.

Lecturers are professional educators and scientists with the main task of transforming, developing, and disseminating science, technology, and art through education, research, and community service.

Labour, or employee is basically human being who use power and ability to get a reply of income in cash or other form to the Employer or Businessman or the President.

Lecturers and employees as well as the role of resources (labor) owned by individuals efficiently and effectively and can be optimally used in order to reach the goal with the company, employees and the community become maximum. []