Educational staff are citizens who are devoted and inducted to support the education performance, (Article 1 of Law No. 20 of 2003 on Education System ). Educators have a wider profession or skill scope, which include educators, librarians, administrative staff, learning resource center staff.

Educators (lecturer) who deal directly with the students, but they still need the support from another educational personnel, so they could carry their duties properly. Because educators will have difficulty in carrying out their duties if they are in the context of an emptiness, no clear rules, not supported by adequate infrastructure, not equipped with the services and facilities of the library and other learning resources which could support them. That’s why lecturers and educational staff have the same role and important position in the context of the provision of education (learning).

In this case the educational staff are employees either non-civil servant or civil servant lecturers within Fisheries and Marine Sciences Faculty Universitas Brawijaya.