Fishidic Held Youth Pledge Day Under The Sea

Fisheries Diving Club (Fishdic) Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences of the UB has a unique way to commemorate the Youth Pledge Day which falls on October 28, 2018 to implement Underwater ceremony on the island of Moyo, Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara. The ceremony under the sea is also a series of events in the expedition of carcharias I, which began October 25, 2018 and was attended by 13 people, which is 7 people as participants, one person a leader is Brilliant Rudzaky (FISHDIC), two people as rescue teams, two people as an underwater photographer and one representative from Sumbawa Adventurous community.

In these activities, Fishdic cooperate with the Department of Marine and Fisheries, the Department of Youth, Sport and Tourism, BKSDA province, some Non-Government Organization, and the local dive community in the activities of the ceremony and celebration of the Youth Pledge Underwater. According to Aura Rinjani, one member Fishdic, they began to descend to the seabed at 8:40 pm, the duration of the ceremony is approximately 15 minutes at a depth of up to 4-5 meters. Although passable strong currents, but still safe for divers.

Aura adds, after the ceremony, the event continued with a clean dive action as a small step embodiment responsibility of the participant as the youth of Indonesia in an effort to maintain Indonesia’s diverse marine resources. Aura said that it had practiced for two months for this activity as well as the Expedition carcharias I raised areas of research, field maintenance of the environment, education, development of tourism potential, and make the project after the movie. “In the field of research we will conduct health monitoring and distribution of coral reef ecosystems. In the field of environment preservation we did dive clean action and beach clean-up in the hamlet Aibari Sumbawa Besar, “he said.

While in the field of education, the team will make school education FISHDIC coastal targets Aibari school student. Related to the development of tourism potential, FISHDIC team will install tourist information board at the Port of Labuan Aji Moyo Island Village and Hamlet Ai bari. It hoped that this activity can lift Moyo Island to compete dijajaran national and international destinations within the region, as well as carrying the name of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Brawijaya University particularly Fisheries Diving Club in the national arena. [HN]

Source: jawapost dan koran-jakarta

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