Invented Hair Straightener, FFMS UB Students Won at UTU Awards

FFMS UB Students Won First Prize at UTU Awards

A proud achievement was achieved by Universitas Brawijaya students at The 5th UTU (Teuku Umar University) Awards event, held in Meulaboh, 11/16/2019. This national event was held by Teuku Umar University, in collaboration with the Ministry of Research and Technology. Universitas Brawijaya has once again succeeded in defending its title as overall champion.

UB’s FFMS Team won first prize in the Agriculture and Fisheries-based Innovation Product category. The team consisting of Izzah Linatul Khariroh (SPA 2017), Alvu Sya’ban Al Kareem (MS 2017) and Naufal Abiyyu (SPA 2016) created a product they called Vortine.

Vortine is a keratin treatment product for hair made from natural ingredients. The basic ingredients are the feather of native chicken and “apu-apu water” leaf. The reason for using these ingredients is that chicken feathers contain the same keratin as human hair, whereas “water apu” leaves contain flavanoids and terpenoids which are useful as anti-dandruff and anti-oxidant properties.

Vortine manufacturing process: chicken feathers and “apu-apu water” leaves are washed and then dried and followed by extraction and maceration. This product was tested in the FMIPA UB chemistry lab for heavy metal testing, while the formaldehyde content test was carried out at Malang City Health Office. The result, Vortine contains zero formalin while the heavy metal content is below the threshold which means it is safe to use.

Vortine is used to straighten hair as in hair care, but Vortine is safer to use when compared to conventional imported products that use chemicals that contain formaldehyde.

Vortine is a modification product from Provid, a product that was previously contested at PIMNAS 2019. If the Provider already has a patent, this Vortine is still in the development stage and is currently in the patent application. Therefore, this product cannot be sold in the market yet.

The team hopes that in the future, they can get funding from the Technology-Based Starter Company (PPBT) scheme, so that their products can be developed and can be useful.

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