“Maticgator”, Automatic Sea Turtle Eggs Incubator

Maticgator is a tool to incubate sea turtle eggs as well as determine the sea turtle sex (female or male). In a way, this maticgator system be able to regulate temperature, air circulation and humidity. 

This tool resembles a wooden cupboard in which there are containers to hatch eggs that are given bounding boxes. This tool can hold up to 50 eggs. 

The background of making this tool is due to various problems in the field related to turtle life. Like hunting turtle eggs, threats from other animals or problems with rising sea water. 

In the future, it is hoped that this tool will not only be used for hatching turtle eggs, but for other animals such as reptiles and turtles. 

More information about this maticgator tool can be listened to on the following page:


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